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Celebrity Appearances and Fees

There are different styles of appearances and fees associated – Find more info here.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Like every business decision you make, there are benefits and drawbacks. Celebrity appearances are no different. You need to do your research or speak to people who understand what you are wanting to achieve. Find more info here.

Why would you consider having a celebrity attend your event?

The most obvious answer is that a celebrity — the right celebrity — can bring an element of excitement to your event. High profile individuals attract a great deal of attention and fascination and act as a drawcard, someone who your guests will be interested in meeting or simply seeing close up. They also attract media attention which can be an excellent way of promoting your event.

How much do I need to pay to book a Celebrity?

Celebrity fees differ according to the Celebrity you book. The best starting point is to define your budget then provide that budget as part of your brief to your Celebrity consultant. That way we can provide you with a list of Celebrity’s that are affordable and will meet your business needs.

How far in advance should I book a Celebrity?

Most Celebrity’s need to be booked at least one month in advance of the event. Some of our higher profile speakers, including entertainers, broadcasters, politicians and leading business people need to be booked even earlier. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you can book, the better.

Do I need to pay a deposit to confirm a Celebrity?

Your chosen celebrity will be confirmed as soon as we receive 50 per cent of the booking fee. The entire fee must be paid one week ahead of the event.

Can I speak to the Celebrity prior to the event?

At VIP Entertainment, the Celebrity’s we represent are highly professional. As such, they like to be fully briefed on the objectives you have for your event well before the event takes place. While your VIP Entertainment consultant will talk to you at length and complete a full brief, there may also be a need for you to talk over the phone with the Celebrity you book. If you would like to personally brief the Celebrity, please ask your VIP Entertainment Consultant to arrange a telephone meeting.

How do I know what equipment the Celebrity or Entertainer will need on the day?

Every Celebrity or Entertainers needs are different. Your VIP Entertainment consultant will provide you with a list of any equipment or special arrangements required, in writing, when your booking is confirmed.

I am booking a Celebrity from interstate. Do I need to pay for travel, accommodation and meals?

Yes, you will need to pay for your Celebrity’s travel and accommodation and the Celebrity’s representative if required. Your VIP Entertainment consultant will discuss your Celebrity’s requirements prior to confirmation of the booking.

Does the Celebrity travel alone?

No, in most cases the Celebrity will have a representative from VIP Entertainment or a publicist with them who will liaise with you.

Do I have to book the Travel and Accommodation?

No, your VIP Entertainment consultant will look after everything for you. We have business relationships with both Qantas and Virgin Australia for Flight Travel and multiple Hotel chains for accommodation.

Do the Celebrity’s Fly Business Class?

Depending on the Celebrity you book, some higher profile Celebrity’s require the privacy or if it is a long haul flight from overseas business class maybe required. But for the most, Celebrity’s will fly economy with requested seat selection.

Can people take Selfies using their own phones with the Celebrity?

The simple answer is yes, however sometimes Clubs don’t allow Selfies with phones because they want customers to go online and download the photos from their Facebook/Website page. It also depends how long the Celebrity will be at the Event and how many people are waiting for photos. If there are a lot of people waiting, we don’t allow Selfies due to the amount of time it can take.

How long will the Celebrity stay at the Event?

Most Celebrity Appearances are 90 minutes depending on the event. Many of our Celebrity’s are happy to mingle with guests before or after an event, or, if appropriate, dine along with guests at the event. However, as our Celebrity’s often have other engagements to manage, this will need to be discussed and arranged when you first make your booking.

Will the Celebrity supply images for use to promote the event?

Yes, your VIP Entertainment consultant will supply you with the Celebrity’s Press Kit once the booking is confirmed. In most cases the Celebrity will also do a short Video that you can use on your Facebook/Website to promote their appearance.