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At the age of 16, Stefania Ferrerio had clarity on what she wanted in life, an accomplishment few can claim well into their wisest years. With her goals plainly defined, the young Australian deployed her self-awareness to build a portfolio by organizing photo shoots and assembling teams of artists-on-the rise to execute them.

After graduating from school bilingual in French and Italian, Stefania set her sights on becoming a professional model but met resistance to her measurements. Despite the dismissal, she continued to develop her portfolio. While doing so, Stefania made a beauty decision akin to the chops and dye-jobs that often prove career-changing for models. She shaved her hair to raise awareness for cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania. The cropped style outperformed her intentions, rousing the attention of fashion photographer Peter Coulson who photographed Steffania for his book “In My Pants.”

Shortly after, Stefania moved from her hometown of Canberra to Melbourne where she made headway – scoring her first booking with Target Australia as a leading model for a series of national commercials. Since then, Stefania has also worked with Dita Von Teese as the leading lingerie model and Swimsuits For All alongside Ashley Graham as well as numerous international brands.

Perhaps most notably, Stefania started the campaign to end the use of the term “plus-size model.” After sharing a photo with the caption “I am a model FULL STOP” accompanied by the hashtag #droptheplus, the movement gained worldwide attention and coverage and subsequently led Stefania to work in Europe.

After continuing to shatter the glass ceiling by becoming the first curve ambassador for any fashion week during Melbourne’s turn, Stefania heads into 2018 with her first-ever beauty campaign with Australia’s premium department store “Myer.”