No technology involved. Simply design your images and replace the images in your LED Display Screens as often as you want. It takes less than 10 seconds. 

LED Displays installed on cables with a Guaranteed 80,000 hours (10 years). Running on 24v, your power usage will be reduced by up to 80%.

Our signature LED Display Screens, with sizes from A4 through to a huge AO size. We also have a variety of shapes available for special requirements, both indoor and outdoor.

This LED Display solution sets itself apart with its high quality design, innovative concept, and constant evolution.
LED Display Screen
LED Cocktail Banner
LED Display Screens at Sotheby's NZ

VM Two

This sleek and minimalist looking LED Display is the star product of the range.

Attract even more traffic to your Window Displays with a multitude of layout possibilities available with this LED Display format.

With its elegant finish and hidden fixtures, VM TWO has become the center piece of our LED Window Displays.

Hybrid Positioning

Can be hung Portrait or Landscape.

The various formats, positions and orientation of this LED Display are all compatible, giving you the flexibility to mix and match LED Displays.


Double sided – Insert two images on either side of your LED Displays, one image at the front and the other at the back in order to be visible from both outside and inside.

Innovative fixtures

Innovative fixtures and cable system allow for a brilliant aesthetic look to your customers.

Small Footprint

Only 10 mm thick.