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90.2k                  29.7k                  34.1k

Lydia Schiavello is the quintessential ‘cosmopolitan housewife’. As well as being an accomplished hostess, interior decorator, cook and skier, she is also a devoted mother of 2 boys, 1 girl and 3 step-children – not to mention her fashion-forward Italian greyhound, Figaro.

Lydia is also a die-hard ‘foodie’ – always combining the latest culinary trends with traditional techniques learnt from her mother Lina and grandmother, the Sicilian rustic way – ensuring Sunday night family dinners are a firm favorite in Lydia’s home.

When she’s not overseeing her household or attending to her family, Lydia’s objectives are purely altruistic – immersing herself in multiple charities and assisting with fund raising events.

Lydia recently launched her website, and relishes sharing all the good things in life, or as the Italians would say, ‘la dolce vita!’

Instagram (@lydiaschiavello)